Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gems Of Wisdom

=>Ask about the value of parents - From those who are orphaned

=>Ask the value of children - From those who have no children

=>Ask the value of health - From those who are ill

=>Ask the value of wealth - From those who are poor

=>Ask the value of food - From those who are hungry

=>Ask the value of eyes - From those who are blind

=>Ask the value of knowledge - From those who are knowledgable

=>Ask the value of youth - From those whom have aged

=>Abstain from disobedience to Allah - you will become a worshipper

=>Love the Holy Prophet - you will become a believer

=>Be patient and grateful for faith - you will become wealthy

=>Gain knowledge - you will become a leader

>Work hard and strive - you will become successful

=>Abstain from jealousy - you will brighten your heart

=>To speak less - is to be wise

=>To eat less - is to be healthy

=>To sleep less - is to be a better worshipper

=>To associate less - is to be safe

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